maybe i’m crazy… probably.

more and more each day i am reminded of how today’s society doesn’t recognize mental illness as an actual [DEADLY] disease.  so many people have the opportunity to help someone, but dismiss them because their illness is invisible to the eye. the truth is, if you think about it, many illnesses are invisible to the human eye. can you see asthmatic lungs or a blocked artery in a cardiac patient’s heart? yet those are things that can actually kill you right?

in the wake of so much tragic suicides, it is becoming pretty damn obvious that we are slacking in the care of our mental, just as much as we have been slacking on our physical. the 2 are very closely related any way.

in the discovery of my own health issues, it was important for me to realize the extreme connection between what i didn’t like about my body and what was hurting in my mind. the vicious cycle is crazy.  neglect the body and you are exactly neglecting the mind. it took me 10+ years to realize that i was slowly killing myself by horrid eating habits and the overall lack of physical activity and lack of sunlight. basically i was living unnatural. my natural flow with the GodtheUniverse was interrupted.. many times with no end in sight.  

:a light being that is full of Love:
this is our natural state of being. any resistance or contradiction to our divinity brings inevitable disaster. how can it not?
but finally, i can see the beauty in my disaster… nothing is or has been lessonless…   [yes, i make up my own words & grammar. this is MY blog!] everything has been a destruction of a person, place or thing that was no longer serving me. even if that meant destroying the former version of my own self! 

i am thankful to the Powers that be for opening me up to receive.
thankful that they didn’t think i took too long.
humbled by the constant stream of life that flows in my veins.
grateful that i will worship and nurture my temple to promote this flow.
eternally honored to be given the time, space, and opportunity for 
my spiritual excellence.
always learning and living in the present moment.
i release the ego’s desire to be right.